1.    Is there a deadline for registration? You must be registered before your Prelim start time. Early Registration is $40 before 4/30.

2.   May I register at the door? No, you must register online at DFWIcon.com prior to the competition.

3.   Do I have to live in the DFW metroplex to compete?  No, you can be from ANYWHERE to compete.

4.   What if I can’t make it to my age group's audition time for the Prelim? You can compete in the next age group up from you but if you are chosen to move onto the Finals, you will have to compete in that same age group. If you are 20-30, you are out of luck!

5.   My child is almost 7 years old but will not be 7 until the week after the competition. Can he still compete? No, everyone must meet the age requirements on the day of the preliminary competition.

6.   Is proof of age required? Yes.

7.   What happens if I register and I am unable to participate in the competition? Do I need to notify anyone? Will I get a refund? Please notify us and let us know if you are unable to attend. There are no refunds for any reason.

8.   Is the registration fee tax deductible since proceeds are donated to Kidd’s Kids? No. 

9.   Do contestants need a ticket to get in? Yes, everyone attending must purchase an admission ticket to Main Street Grapevine Fest. Tickets may be purchased at the gate or in advance online here

10. May anyone watch the preliminary and Final performances? Yes! Bring family and friends to cheer you on. The crowd cheers at Finals count towards your score. 

11.  May I drop-off my 13 year old child? No, any child, 15 or under, must have a parent or guardian in the area and readily accessible at all times.

12.  May I send my child with a friend and his/her parent to compete? Yes, as long as you have completed the online registration and you have a designated guardian who will remain in the area with you at all times.

13.  What time do we need to be there? Check-in begins one hour before your scheduled time.

14.  Where are the preliminary competitions being held? In the Palace Theatre at 300 South Main Street in Grapevine, TX.

15.  Do we need to park in a certain place? No, paid parking is available outside Grapevine Main Street Fest. There is FREE parking and shuttle at several locations. More parking info can be found here. 

16.  How should I dress for the competition? Dress like a super star! You will be scored on your image as well as vocals and performance. You should wear age appropriate clothing that will look good on stage. This is your time to shine!

17.  What types of music are acceptable? All genres of music except Rap are acceptable (Country, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Broadway, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Folk, Blues, Indie, Jazz, etc.) Lyrics must be clean and cannot have any vulgar or inappropriate words.

18. Are duets or groups allowed to compete? No. 

19.  May I perform an original song instead of doing a cover tune? Yes

20.  May I bring my music on a CD? No, all music must be on a USB drive.

21.  Where can I find instrumental or karaoke tracks without lead vocals? www.musicalcreations.com , www.karaokeversion.com , iTunes, you can find karaoke versions on YouTube and rip to mp3 using www.vidtomp3.com

22.  Will I be able to sing the entire song? For Prelims, be prepared to sing 1 minute of a song a capella. 

23.  May I accompany myself on the guitar or keyboard? Only for Finals. You will need to bring your guitar or piano. 

24.  May I have someone play guitar or keyboard for me? No

25.  Do we need to stay until the end of the competition? Yes. We will be naming the Finalists approx 30 minutes after the last singer and you must be in attendance to receive instructions for the Finals if you advance. For the Finals you will need to be in attendance to receive an award.

26.  How many people will advance to the Finals? From each age group, there will be 8 talent and 2 alternates selected to advance to the Finals.

27.  What does it mean if I am the alternate? In the event one of the Finalists cannot compete in your category, you will compete in in their place.

28.  When and where will the Finals be held? The Finals will be held at 11:30am on Sunday, May 21st on the Main Stage of Grapevine Main Street Fest.

29.  What happens if I am selected to advance but I am unable to attend the Finals? You will be given instructions to notify a DFW Icon team member and the 1st alternate will be contacted to advance. If the first alternate is not available we will contact the 2nd alternate to advance.

30.  What is the judging criteria for the Prelim? Vocal ability, Performance and Image.

31.  What is the judging criteria for the Finals? Vocal ability, Performance, Image, and Crowd Appeal.

32.  What do I do if I did not find the answer to my question here or on the DFWIcon website? If you did not find the answer to your question here or in the Rules and Regulations, you may email  us.